Onion Dip

DSC_0008.jpgI was in the mood for potato chips and onion dip but I didn't have any and it's seriously too cold to go outside to get more, despite the nearest store being barely a 2 minute walk.

I hit the 'net and looked up a half dozen "recipes" for onion dip. I have to qualify "recipe" because something that contains only sour cream, mayonnaise, and onion soup mix doesn't really qualify as a homemade cooking in my book. Sorry, Sandra Lee.

Fortunately Alton Brown came through and provided the first recipe that didn't involve powdered soup mix. It certainly takes longer to caramelize the onions and cool them, but the effort is well worth it.

I minced the onion, used less mayo, more spices, and I ended up adding a little onion powder since I didn't think it was quite onion-y enough. But that could be because my amounts were all confused since I had only about 6 oz. of sour cream and just guessed at all of the amounts to compensate. And I had been drinking.