Soy Sauce

soy.jpgOf all of the crazy specialty ingredients, for some reason I never got into the fancy designer soy sauce thing. And I use a lot of soy sauce! Perhaps it might come from growing up in a household where Kikkoman soy sauce is purchased by the gallon.

So does anyone else have a favorite soy sauce to recommend? I'm mainly looking for shoyu, but I'll take all recommendations.


Hi Rick!!!

I guess those big tins of Kikkoman must have had a subliminal effect on me as well. I am not a shoyu aficionado.

This subject interests me though! I know nothing about the high end artisanal varieties, but it would be fun to do a taste test.

We use Yamasa premium brand (not organic, I think), but I do like it a lot.

What's the story with tamari? Is it a different breed altogether, or just a close cousin of shoyu.

This could get fun.


Yes, I will recommend something. I love soy sauce! We use Yamasa brand here. It is not expensive, organic, high-end or artisanal... just your basic, very subtle-tasting variety of shoyu. I am not by any means an aficionado, but so far I prefer my Yamasa soy sauce to its close cousin, tamari. It must be my subliminal memories of those humongous, ubiquitous tins of Kikkoman that we had when we were growing up. b.