Tempeh Wontons, Shiitake Egg Rolls, and General Tso's Tofu

DSC_0024.jpgYesterday Heather made quinoa and tempeh and Molly made delicious sounding tofu and vegetable spring rolls which got me thinking: I ought to make some light and healthy vegetarian food.

Then something went, oh, so horribly awry.

Well the meal is, indeed, still vegetarian, however 4 of the 5 things on the plate came out of the deep fryer, so "light" and "healthy" might not be entirely applicable anymore. It was very tasty, however.

I highly recommend the marinated tempeh fried wontons and shiitake mushroom egg rolls.

The General Tso's sauce was pretty good, and the tofu was OK. It wasn't bad, but wasn't perfect, either. A work in progress, I'd say.

DSC_0023.jpgAnd in case you ever wondered what happens to the leftovers - anything good (and freezable) gets vacuum sealed and frozen.