Pork chop (sous vide) (revisit)

This is basically the same pork chop I made earlier, though this time I did it with a 2.75 lb. boneless 7-rib pork roast instead of bone-in.

I still trimmed the fat and cut a couple nice pork chops out of the boneless roast, seasoned,  vacuum sealed, and cooked sous vide for 2 hours at 160°F.
The main difference is that I didn't have any bones to make pork stock, so this time I used the juice from the sous vide bag to make the pork jus:

Take the contents of the sous vide bag and bring to a boil. Skim off any foam. Add a little soy sauce. Strain and serve as the jus for the pork chop.

As the final step: add a little olive oil to a hot sauté pan and sear the pork chop. I also made a little fried cabbage at the same time.
It all worked pretty much the same as before, and it really does make a very moist and tender pork chop. I only made two small pork chops; the remainder I made directly into four 3.0 oz. pre-cooked and pre-cut servings for stir fry. I think I prefer the bone-in version of the pork chop, though the boneless does make for easy stir-fry meat.