Opening vacuum sealed jars

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Using the FoodSaver mason jar attachment or a chamber vacuum sealer to seal mason jars is great! It works very well, especially for fragile foods like lettuce and spinach, and the jars and lids are reusable.

The only problem is that sometimes the lids are hard to remove without damaging them. Through experimentation I've found this technique to be fast, effective, and unlikely to damage the lid:

1. Remove the screw ring
2. Find the spot on the glass jar where the screw ring bumps are closest to the sealing lid.
3. Using a medium-sized regular screwdriver, very gently twist between the glass bump and the lid. You're not trying to pry off the lid, just gently let enough air into the jar that the lid can just be lifted off.

If you do this carefully it requires almost no effort and it won't bend the lid so you can use it over and over.

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You can certainly use a spoon also, I have many many times in the past.