Steak dinner (I hope)

Tonight's dinner will be a steak. Or so I hope.

Earlier this week, I had intended to eat steak. Weeks ago I had grilled it, immediately froze it, and waited for an appropriate time to take it out of the freezer and put it into the sous vide and enjoy a delicious and still perfectly medium-rare steak.

What transpired, however, was something entirely different. I had a glass of wine. And a delicious Caesar salad.
salad17.jpgAnd more wine. And then I got distracted with the Internet, a movie, and around 3 hours after my planned dinner time, I thought to myself, "I'm kind of hungry."

I was hungry because I had forgotten to eat my steak! Fortunately the sous vide is very forgiving and all I did was pop it out of the machine and into the refrigerator, and it should be fine when I reheat it a second time, days later. And, magically, it still will be perfectly medium rare. I love the sous vide machine.

This is unlike the time a friend of mine (not me, really), passed out with a steak under the broiler. He had to get professional cleaners to get the smell of smoke out of everything in his apartment.

Update: I successfully cooked and ate my steak today!