First week of my CSA!

csa1.jpgThis year I got a CSA (Community Support Agriculture) small share with Wellspring Farm. It's still quite early in the growing season here in Vermont, but here's what I got this week:

Spinach (1 lb.)
Bok Choy
Green leaf lettuce

And here's everything prepared for the week in my refrigerator:

csa2.jpgThe lettuce and spinach are washed, divided, and vacuum sealed in jars so they'll easily last a week. The lettuce and spinach would probably almost last two weeks. But the big advantage is that I can pop the lid off the jar and pour out the contents into a salad or stir fry, since everything's already cleaned and ready.

The basil has its stems wrapped in a moist paper towel and placed loosely in a bag.

I used the bok choy to make sesame, garlic, and ginger bok choy.