CSA Week #7

csa7-1.jpgThis week in my Wellspring Farm small share CSA:

Yellow onion

Broccoli gets cleaned and put in a ziplock bag - never vacuum sealed, as vacuum sealing uncooked broccoli or cauliflower causes it to release the most pungent and awful of odors. Really!

I like to clean kale and chard and put it in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator. Not only does it take less space, but I find that if I pre-clean and prep them, I'm more likely to cook them.

Onions, potatoes, and tomatoes are stored in cool storage. Tomatoes could be left out at room temperature, but it's pretty hot in my kitchen.

I previously tried vacuum sealing zucchini with initial, but apparently unfounded, success. I washed them and put them in a ziplock bag this time.

The cucumber I vacuum sealed in a bag with a paper towel - a technique that seems to work fairly well. Update: I decided that I no longer like this technique. After two weeks the cucumber looks and feels normal on the outside, but gets a bizarre texture on the inside!

Carrots are vacuum sealed, though this is not really necessary since they'll last a long time in the refrigerator regardless.

csa7-2.jpgOne of the tomatoes went into Local cheeseburger, corn, and tomato and cucumber salad.

I used some of the potatoes in Tingua poblana - Pork with smoky tomato sauce and potatoes.

I had some broccoli as a side to roast beef, gravy, and rice.

One of the zucchini went into Zucchini stir-fry with bacon.

I prepared the kale the same way as I would prepare spinach in Sardines, spinach, and rice.

The carrots went into Spicy carrot ginger soup (revisit).


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