Bacon cheeseburger with barbecue sauce, almost all local!

Grilled hamburger on a Barowski's whole wheat hamburger bun (Maine) with Cabot cheddar cheese (local), bacon (*), and Richard's hot barbecue sauce (made in Vermont).

The burger was a 5.4 oz. (before cooking) Tangletown Farm organic beef patty, grilled but not fully cooked, rapidly chilled, then frozen. I take the frozen burgers and put them right into the sous vide at 133°F for a half hour and they come out perfectly medium rare!

To make life easier, I make my bacon two pounds at a time and freeze it. It's much easier to reheat two slices of bacon (even in a sauté pan) than it is to cook two slices from raw bacon!

Served with Kettle Chips spicy Thai potato chips, which aren't local, but are very tasty! I usually have some local Madhouse Munchies potato chips, but I ate them all.

And a glass of Switchback beer, an American pale ale from Burlington, Vermont.

(*) Normally the bacon would be Vermont Smoke and Cure hand cut bacon, which is excellent. Except the grocery store was out of it. And Shaw's thick cut bacon was on sale. Not a good decision. There is no comparison between the local handcut bacon and the mass-produced bacon!