Grilled lime and tequila marinated shrimp taco with salsa fresca

The amounts here serve one, multiply as necessary.

2 small corn tortillas
5 26/30 (large) uncooked shrimp (4.0 oz. before peeling)

lime juice
olive oil

Peel, devein, and remove the tails from 4.0 oz. large shrimp (per serving).

I marinated mine in a vacuum sealed bag which speeds up the process and greatly reduces the amount of marinade you need to make. You could just marinate in a bowl, of course.

While marinating, make a batch of salsa fresca, which should rest for 30 minutes for the flavors to meld.

Steam the corn tortillas to soften them; the technique in this recipe works well.

Put the shrimp on a skewer and grill for a couple minutes on each side until cooked through.

Dice the shrimp and serve on the warm tortilla with salsa fresca.

Served with a sauza hornitos margarita.

Nutrition information for one serving (two tacos) as calculated by
shrimptaco5.jpgThis does not include the tortilla chips or the margarita, which, at 150 and 180 calories, have more calories than the tacos. Hmm.

I also made basically the same dish, but with salmon. That's shredded Napa cabbage on top.

I also make a version of this with shrimp marinated with lime, garlic, and dark chili powder which, I think was even better.