Squashed squash - like mashed potatoes


My Wellspring Farm CSA weekly newsletter had a tip for making buttercup winter squash like you'd make mashed potatoes. That sounded good to me! I used buttercup squash from CSA Week #14, though I suspect it would work with other winter squashes as well.

This recipe is very good, though it's a little labor intensive.

Cut the squash into pieces and remove the seeds.

Boil until soft; I boiled it for 20 minutes.

Drain the pan into a colander and let the squash cool. Cut off the skin with a paring knife.

I used a potato ricer to squash the squash. You could also use a potato masher.

In the original cooking pan (drained of water), add the potatoes and heat over medium-low heat. Add butter (I used about 3 oz. or ¾ of a stick) and let the butter melt, mixing it in with the squash. Add milk, salt, and pepper to look like mashed potatoes. There's a suggestion for maple syrup that sounds good, too.

It later occurred to me that it might be good with garlic, too.