I have an espresso pretty much every day. One of the things I noticed in Italy was that a large number of the locals seemed to add sugar to their espresso.

Epiphany! It's no longer so bitter and harsh, in fact it's unbelievably delicious.

As part of my diet I wanted to reduce the amount of sugar I consumed, but didn't want to use artificial sweeteners, either. My solution is stevia, an incredibly sweet herb. It also has a negligible effect on blood glucose, which is good.

Unfortunately, 100 % stevia is pretty harsh-tasting stuff. I eventually found Sun Crystals, which is a mix of pure cane sugar (sucrose) and stevia, which has a nice flavor and is all natural.

A bunch of the zero calorie brands of stevia accomplish this by using sugar alcohols (such as xylitol), and I think I'd rather have a few grams of sucrose and have an all-natural sweetener.

I use half a packet in my espresso, so for 2.5 calories I haven't even been listing it on my what I ate list, which also omits things that have essentially no calories, like black coffee (5 calories) and tea (2 calories).

I also use it to make iced tea, using the unsweetened black tea K-Cups for the Keurig and one packet of Sun Crystals.

Incidentally, my espresso maker is a Saeco Odea Go super-automatic, which is very nice.