Grilled chicken taco with salsa fresca


This is a very delicious and very healthy taco, basically the complete opposite of the spaghetti taco earlier in the week.

Season chicken breasts with:

garlic powder
chili powder
olive oil

Grill until the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 160°F. The USDA recommends 165°F now, and some experts say 170°F, but the higher temperatures will result in a drier meat.

I had intended to grill the chicken breasts old school on the grill, but they were getting kind of overcooked on the outside and not sufficiently cooked inside, so I decided to switch gears, bring them inside, rapidly chill them, and sous vide them at 160°F the rest of the way to make sure they stayed moist and properly cooked. I cooked for an hour, let cool a bit, then refrigerated.

I thinly sliced the chicken breast; my 1.29 lb. package of Misty Knoll natural, antibiotic-free chicken made four 2.6 oz. servings for chicken caesar salad (about 1/2 cup of chicken, 115 calories) that I vacuum sealed and froze and one 3.6 oz. serving for the tacos.

Prepare a recipe of salsa fresca. That's basically all vegetables and herbs: tomato, onion, jalapeño, cilantro, and just a little salt and lemon juice. This should be done 30 minutes before serving time.

Steam two corn tortillas using this technique.

The tacos are filled with sliced grilled chicken (3.6 oz.), lots of salsa fresca, and a little shredded Napa cabbage.

Two tacos total 290 calories. With 1 oz. of tortilla chips and more salsa fresca, 468 calories.