Local smoked barbecue pork spare ribs and hand-cut seasoned red potato French fries

friesribs1.jpgOK, it's not exactly healthy but it is very tasty.

Local, organic pork spare ribs from Tangletown farms seasoned with a dry rub for 24 hours, then cooked in a sous vide for 12 more hours, coated with local barbecue sauce, then finished in the smoker with hickory wood.

Hand-cut, local, organic red potato French fries, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper.

I'm pretty much of the mindset that you can have French fries any time you want... as long as you make your own fries from scratch. And clean out the deep fryer every time you use it. That's enough disincentive to limit your consumption of fries.

I served this with a glass of Switchback beer, local American pale ale.