Steak, baked potato, and sautéed zucchini

A local, organic 0.89 lb. Tangletown farm T-bone steak, trimmed, seasoned with salt, pepper, granulated garlic, onion powder, and dark chili powder. And a little olive oil.

I grilled it for 2 minutes per side, over very high heat then rapidly chilled it.

steakpotatozuc2.jpgI then vacuum sealed it and cooked it in the sous vide at 133°F for about 45 minutes, though the time is quite flexible. It probably could be cooked in as little as 30 minutes and it would still be perfectly medium-rare after an hour and a half. That's the great thing about the sous vide!

I followed my regular recipe for baked potato, rubbed with olive oil and kosher salt. On the rack waiting to go into the oven:

And I really do make a reverse chronological list when I cook food that needs to be done at the same time. And yes, I really do eat dinner at 5:00 PM. Sometimes earlier...

5:00 PM Eat
4:59 PM Remove plate and potato
4:58 PM Heat plate in oven
4:55 PM Cook zucchini
4:52 PM Heat pan for zucchini, prep zucchini
4:50 PM Steak out of sous vide
4:05 PM Steak into sous vide
4:00 PM Potato into oven at 350°F
3:56 PM Prepare potato
3:50 PM Preheat oven
3:30 PM Preheat sous vide to 133°F

The magnetic kitchen timer is also helpful. I have four of them and stick them to whatever I'm timing.

steakpotatozuc4.jpgI cut the steak to make a 4.1 oz. (cooked) serving. Adding in the zucchini, potato, and butter on the potato, the total was 539 calories. Not bad.

And I didn't eat 1/4 of the very delicious potato, so I actually consumed less than that. I did, however, serve it with Sebastini zinfandel, Sonoma, California, 2006, another 121 calories, so I gained some back.