Tuna sushi plate #2

sushi1.jpg Update: New recipe at Tuna Sushi Plate #3, which is also much better looking.

A little different than yesterday's fried chicken and sweet potato fries... a plate of sushi and sashimi:

Hosomaki: tuna, shredded carrot, cucumber, and rice surrounded by nori
Nigirizushi: tuna on rice
Tuna sashimi
Avocado roll, with cucumber, shredded carrot and rice, surrounded by nori

I like to take my hot sushi rice, add the vinegar/sugar mixture and spread it out on a sheet pan to let it cool. I then cut off strips of rice with my giant 10" spatula and drop it right onto the nori. It comes out perfect every single time!

sushi2.jpgMy tuna awaiting cutting.

sushi3.jpgAnd for the rolls to be bite-sized, it really works better to use a half sheet of nori for each roll. I'm not sure sure why the sheets are the size they are.