What I ate: October 1, 2010

Breakfast: French toast. That's one and a half slices of Vermont Bread Company alfalfa sprout bread, about half an egg, an ounce of real Vermont maple syrup, and three slices of Vermont Smoke and Cure natural bacon. The French toast was cooked in about a teaspoon of Earth Balance natural buttery spread.

ate.20101001.b.jpgDiet tip: Dip bites in the syrup instead of pouring the syrup over the whole thing. It doesn't soak in as much, and I only used about half an ounce of syrup. One of these days I will remember to just put half an ounce in the ramekin to begin with.

Quick meal tip: Cook your bacon ahead of time and freeze it. It only takes a couple minutes to reheat bacon in a frying pan and it's much less messy because the grease has been rendered from it already. It also allows me to cook the bacon and the french toast in the same pan at the same time, since there's so much less grease involved.

Lunch: Stir-fried spinach, sardines, and rice. I only eat a half can of sardines per serving, so this is the other half of the can from yesterday. There's a pint of spinach in each serving! To make things easier and to help the spinach last longer, I wash it and vacuum seal it in pint-sized vacuum sealed jars.

ate.20101001.l.jpgSnack: A few organic peanuts with added salt.

ate.20101001.s1.jpgSnack: Two Late July organic classic rich crackers ("natural Ritz crackers") with 0.5 oz. Orb Weaver farmhouse cow's milk cheese from New Haven, VT. And a half glass of the Etc. Malbec from yesterday.

ate.20101001.s2.jpgDinner: Miso marinated pork (butaniku no misozuke) with sautéed zucchini and rice. And some more wine.

misopork1.jpgI also had two very tiny evening snacks, which normally would have been a bad idea, diet-wise, but with all of the exercise and my healthy lunch my weight was unchanged the next day.

Snack: A few Madhouse Munchies sour cream and onion potato chips (made in Vermont).

ate.20101001.s3.jpgSnack: One square of Lake Champlain chocolate raspberry truffle dark chocolate bar (made in Vermont).

And I might have had some Absolut mandarin and soda water.

I started the day with a 30-minute run/walk, though due to the ark-worthy rain I did it on the treadmill. And why is it that when I do it outside, I go 2.6 miles but if I do the same thing on the treadmill, I only go 1.8 miles?

And, at lunch time, since the rain let up somewhat I went for a quick 50 minute, 2.7 mile hike up to and around Hubbard Park. Lots of hills. I didn't expect to run into many people even during a break in the torrential rain, but I really didn't expect to run into a group of pre-school kids out for a hike and story time! This is Vermont. Torrential rain or -20°F temperatures, you will go outside!

Weight at the start of today: 114.8
Weight at the start of the next day: 114.8

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