What I ate: October 15, 2010

Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 3 slices of Vermont Smoke & Cure bacon, and 1 slice of Vermont Bread Company whole wheat bread with Earth Balance buttery spread. 467 calories.

ate.20101015.b.jpgSnack: Half an empire apple. 37 calories. 

Lunch: Sausage and red pepper stir-fry. 376 calories.

ate.20101015.l.jpgSnack: 2 Kashi heart to heart roasted garlic crackers ("natural triscuits") with Lazy Lady Farms La Roche, a chèvre (goat's milk cheese). 75 calories.

Dinner: Chicken paprika, rice, and broccoli with sour cream sauce. I made a few modifications to the recipe and actually got the whole plate down to 642 calories! The link is a new recipe.

chickenpaprika7.jpgAnd possibly some wine. And vodka.

And my walk/run on the treadmill, which still comes out to 2.4 miles outside and only 1.9 miles inside. I guess I need to pick up the pace inside!

Weight at beginning of the day: 115.2 lbs.
Weight at the beginning of the next day: 113.8 lbs.

I knew my starting weight was high because of the beer the night before. But I really didn't expect it to drop that much. Weird! I fully expect the next day to be 114.something since that seems to be the trend.