What I ate: October 31, 2010

Breakfast: Sausage, egg, and cheese English muffin. That's local Tangletown Farm antibiotic-free pork sausage (2.0 oz. raw or 0.8 oz. cooked weight), a Pete and Gerry's organic egg, Barowski's organic whole wheat English muffin, and 0.5 oz. Cabot cheddar cheese. 436 calories. This is an older picture but it looked like this:

breakfastsandwich1.jpgSnack: Half a Greek yogurt with maple syrup and homemade granola. 150 calories.

Lunch: Beef with broccoli and scallions stir-fry with rice. 3.0 oz. beef.

ate.20101031.l.jpgSnack: 2 Late July crackers with Mt. Mansfield gondolier cheese. And a small glass of Finca la Linda malbec. About 75 calories (not counting the wine).

ate.20101031.s1.jpgDinner: Mussels fra diavalo and a piece of Red Hen Bakery ciabatta. 458 calories, not counting the bread and wine (Tienen Duende Verdejo, Spain, 2007). 689 calories for everything.

ate.20101031.d.jpgAnd 2 squares of Lake Champlain chocolate raspberry truffle dark chocolate. 120 calories total. It's Halloween - extra candy!

Snack: 1.4 oz. popcorn with 1/2 tbsp. butter and salt. 171 calories.

And maybe an Absolut madarin and soda.

Weight at beginning of the day: 112.8 lbs.
Weight at the beginning of the next day:  113.6 lbs.

I'm not sure about that, but 112.8 is really low and 113.6 seems to be about the new average, so I'm okay with it.