What I ate: October 4, 2010

Breakfast: Chorizo, green pepper, onion, jalapeño, and egg breakfast burrito. I've finally perfected the 423 calorie breakfast burrito, which is right in my target calorie range for breakfast, and the link a the new post about it.

Lunch: Sautéed spinach, rice, and sardines. That's 221 calories, by the way.

ate.20100930.l.jpgSnack: 2 Kashi heart to heart roasted garlic crackers and 1/8th of a wheel of Jasper Hill Farms constant bliss cheese. And Crossroads sauvignon blanc. (75 calories for the cheese and crackers, and 121 for the wine.)
Dinner: One dozen clams casino (onion, green pepper, bacon, and Parmesan cheese). And another glass of wine. This was too much work to calculate the calories for since I didn't have exact measurements of the ingredients.

Though it's a lot of effort to shuck the clams and prepare for a large number of people, doing a dozen for one person really isn't that bad. And they're surprisingly inexpensive. They were on sale at the Shaws supermarket for $ 4.99 a pound, and a dozen is only 0.65 lbs., so $ 2.92. Not bad!

Weight at the start of today: 114.0
Weight at the start of the next day: 115.2

I'm not sure what happened with the next morning's weight. It was some sort of weird anomaly and the following day's weight was 114.2.

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