What I ate: October 7, 2010

Breakfast: 1 egg Western omelette (ham, green peppers, and onions) with 1 slice of Vermont Bread Company whole wheat bread with Earth Balance buttery spread. This is the second half of the filling I made earlier in the week.

Lunch: Spinach, sardines, and rice. Yes, I eat this a lot.

ate.20101007.l.jpgSnack: Two Late July organic classic rich crackers ("natural Ritz crackers") with 0.5 oz. Orb Weaver farmhouse cow's milk cheese from New Haven, VT.

ate.20101007.s.jpgDinner: Szechuan sesame tofu with rice with a glass of Per Linda Trebbiano d'Abruzzo (Italian white wine).

szechuantofu8.jpgAnd some Switchback beer later.

I probably walked about 2 3/4 miles between walking to the Coop for groceries and walking up to Vermont College to pick up my CSA.

Weight at the start of today: 113.2 (a weight I have not been since 1986)
Weight at the start of the next day: 114.2

Too much beer... not a good idea for dieting!