What I ate: October 8, 2010

Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 3 slices of Vermont Smoke & Cure bacon, and 1 slice of Vermont Bread Company whole wheat bread with Earth Balance buttery spread.

ate.20101008.b.jpgLunch: Beef with broccoli and scallions and rice. That 2.4 oz. of leftover steak (previously vacuum sealed and frozen). The sauce is a little Lee Kum Kee vegetarian stir-fry sauce and soy sauce.

ate.20101008.l.jpgDinner: Meatloaf with gravy, rice, and broccoli. Yes, I realize that I had beef, broccoli, and rice for lunch as well. It was still on my mind, apparently. The meatloaf is local Tangletown Farm organic ground beef that I previously made vacuum sealed and froze. I just take the frozen package and cook it in the sous vide machine at 133°F for 45 minutes or so. And frozen gravy must always be heated on the stove, never in the microwave, because otherwise its doesn't return to the correct gravy consistency.

ate.20101008.d.jpgAlso some Finca La Linda Malbec. And 1 square of Lake Champlain chocolate raspberry truffle.

Snack: 1/8 cup of air popped popcorn with 1 tbsp. butter and salt.

Weight at start of the this day: 114.2 lbs.
Weight at start of the next day: 114.8 lbs.

I probably shouldn't have had popcorn after eating a big serving of meatloaf and gravy. And I had a big lunch. And I did basically no physical activity. I will have to rectify that tomorrow!