I want this dishwasher

Anyone who's used a commercial (restaurant) dishwasher knows how great it is to be able to run through a rack of dishes, glasses, pans, whatever, in 1 to 2 minutes.

For those who haven't, that's not a typo. My home dishwasher churns away for an hour and 20 minutes for a load of dishes, without a heated drying cycle. With a 2 minute cycle dishwasher you throw stuff in, whatever doesn't come off you scrub off, then run it through again!

Unfortunately there have always been a number of impediments that made using a commercial dishwasher impractical for use in a home. Until now.

I want this dishwasher:

* It's an undercounter unit that is the size of a regular household dishwasher. It's not huge.

* It has a 2 minute cycle time. Not the more than an hour for a home dishwasher!

* It takes normal 21 7/8" commercial dishwasher racks for easy running of glasses in glass racks, dishes, pans, etc.

* It runs on normal household power (120V/20A). The really big commercial dishwashers require much higher voltage, current, and sometimes 3-phase.

* It takes normal household water (1/2" water supply at 140°F). High temperature commercial dishwashers require 180°F water, which isn't practical in homes.

* It has a pumped drain. Many commercial dishwashers assume floor drains which are typical in restaurants and not so much in homes. This unit has a 1" drain and pumps into a normal household sink drain.

* It can start the first cycle after filling in less than 30 seconds. Most commercial dishwashers have to heat for 15 to 20 minutes.

* It's a full water exchange machine. The rinse water from the previous cycle is used as the wash water for a cycle, then the water is discarded and 1.7 gallons of new water is used for rinsing. This is nice when you mix greasy pans and glassware in the same machine.

* It's actually pretty energy efficient. It's energy star rated.

OK, it's not flawless. It's noisy. And it only holds one rack, so accumulating a few days worth of glasses, silverware, and plates is a little tricky. And technically it's not rated for home use, which sort of makes it illegal.

But on days like today, which is my semi-annual glass cleaning day, where I run every bit of glassware in the house through the dishwasher, it certainly would speed up the process. I hate grabbing a lesser-used glass and have it be filmy so every glass, cup, and mug gets washed every 6 months. This year it took three loads! This would have been significantly faster with this dishwasher!