Pork for stir-fry

In case you haven't noticed, the meat portion of my diet consist primarily of pork. Aside from the pork from my meat CSA, the last holdout from switching from mass-produced grocery store meat to local meat is pork roast.

I decided to try using a local pork shoulder roast, a less-expensive cut of meat. Still, my 3.1 lb. pork roast at $ 5.99/pound cost $ 18.57, which seems like a lot. Fortunately, I got 10 servings out of it, so it's not really that expensive, per serving.

I cut the pieces into reasonably-sized pieces that would fit in a vacuum sealer bag, seasoned with salt, pepper, and granulated garlic, and vacuum sealed.

I cooked the pieces in the sous vide at 155°F for 3 hours, then let rest for 20 minutes to reabsorb some of the juices.

I ate one serving as 4.2 oz. of pork shoulder with red wine demi glace.

I also packaged another serving of that for a future dinner. The rest was seven 3.0 oz. packages of pre-cut stir-fry meat and one remaining 2.2 oz. package. Here it is all vacuum sealed and ready for the freezer.