What I ate: November 11, 2010

Breakfast: Sausage, egg, and cheese on a whole wheat English muffin.

ate.20101111.b.jpgSnack: Empire apple.

Lunch: 2.0 oz. beef with broccoli and scallions, rice.

Snack: 0.5 oz. roasted peanuts and an organic, fair trade banana.

Dinner: Super spicy Thai-style pork with peppers, onion, garlic, cilantro, and chili sauce. And rice. And a glass of Switchback beer, my best guess of what would put out the fire in my mouth!

thaipork1.jpgAnd a glass of Origins Riesling.

Dessert: 1 square of Lake Champlain chocolate raspberry truffle dark chocolate.

And 0.7 oz. Madhouse munchies sour cream and onion potato chips.

Weight at beginning of the day: 112.2 lbs.
Weight at the beginning of the next day: 113.0 lbs.

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