Cooking prep: December 31, 2010

This morning I walked to the grocery stores in preparation for the next few days' meals, and here's what I prepped:

Two 12 oz. packages of Vermont Smoke and Cure bacon, cooked on sheet pans in the oven, then frozen.


Broke down a 7-rib pork roast into a roast to be further sliced thinly for miso-marinated pork,  some darker meat bits to be roasted for stir-fry, and a small pile of inedible bits.

prep8.jpgThinly sliced pork for miso marinated pork:

prep9.jpgThe rest of the pork roasted, sliced and vacuum sealed in 2.8 oz. servings for stir-fry:

prep11.jpgprep12.jpgCleaned 1/2 pound of Gulf of California white shrimp.

Half vacuum sealed and frozen, the other half seasoned with salt, pepper, granulated garlic and chili powder and marinated with lime. That will be grilled and used for shrimp tacos.

prep14.jpgCleaned and seasoned two Misty Knoll chicken breasts. Vacuum sealed and cooked in the sous vide at 160°F for 2 hours.

prep15.jpgOut of the sous vide it doesn't look very appetizing, but it's perfectly cooked all the way through and very juicy!

prep16.jpgFortunately it, and the shrimp, spent a little time on the grill:

prep17.jpgCut up for use on grilled chicken Caesar salads:

prep18.jpgPortioned out into 2.7 oz. packages and vacuum sealed for freezing:

prep19.jpgA pot of rice in the rice maker. And a stir-fry of turkey and Napa cabbage for lunch.
ate.20101231.l.jpgThat was it for the morning; time to relax!