Danish butter cookies

buttercookie.jpgI have a weakness for Danish butter cookies. Also potato chips and dip. But in any case, the only time I dare to buy Danish butter cookies in the tin in the supermarket is at Christmas time, because I know I will eat them all. Quickly. And I'd feel bad about it.

One problem about liking to cook and having a well-equipped kitchen is that when you think to yourself, "I'd like a Danish butter cookie," after having several adult beverages you can just make Danish butter cookies.

(Okay, technically I could have walked to the store, and I walk to grocery stores 3 to 5 times a week, but it's really cold outside right now. It's 7°F!)

This recipe looked reasonable and I had all of the ingredients.

They turned out okay. I know they look more like peanut butter cookies but (1) I didn't feel like trying to make that crazy pretzel shaped butter cookie shape (2) I didn't have that coarse sugar and (3) I had those previously mentioned adult beverages.

I had three of them and they were not a bad cookie. They didn't taste like the cookies in the tins, possibly because they were fresh, moist and hot from the oven. They were also devoid of chemicals and preservatives. And I made them from King Arthur white whole wheat flour, so, in a crazy way, they were sort of healthy. Well, except for the two sticks of butter and cup of sugar...