What I cooked: January 7, 2011

Today wasn't planned as a big cooking day, but I prepared a few things anyway.

I made a half dozen blueberry muffins.

Two 12 oz. packages of Vermont Smoke and Cure handcut bacon, cooked on sheet pans in the oven. Shown here cooling on a rack.

I put the fully cooked bacon in a ziplock bag in the freezer but sometimes it sticks together. I tried freezing the entire sheet pan before bagging, which, incidentally, does not work at all. The bacon froze to the sheet pan grid.

cooked.2011.01.07.2.jpgAnd finally a batch of maple candied walnuts for my spinach salads. This time I used Grade B syrup, sometimes called cooking syrup. It's not inferior to Grade A, it's just darker. And it works really well on the walnuts, giving them a nice darker brown color!