What I ate: March 23, 2011

Breakfast: 2 pancakes (previously made then frozen), 0.5 oz. Vermont maple syrup, and 3 slices of Vermont Smoke and Cure bacon (also previously made and frozen). 8 minutes on a lightly greased sheet pan at 350°F and everything reheated perfectly.

Lunch: Beef with broccoli and scallion stir-fry, rice.

I also baked a loaf of delicious 9-grain bread.

Dinner: Citrus and garlic marinated flounder soft tacos and tortilla chips with salsa fresca, salsa verde and guacamole. This is the food waiting to be served. That really is homemade guacamole - it's in a vacuum sealed bag so the flavors can melt without the avocado turning brown.

ate.2011.03.23.d.jpgAnd Sauza hornitos margaritas.

And 1.5 oz. evil sriracha Chex mix.

Weight at beginning of the day: 111.8 lbs.
Weight at the beginning of the next day: 113.2 lbs.