What I cooked: March 2, 2011

Just a little cooking today:

A half batch of blueberry muffins since I recently finished off the last one in the freezer.

cooked.2011.03.02.1.jpgAnd another 1.5 lbs. Vermont Smoke and Cure bacon, which I cook on sheet pans in the oven and freeze.

cooked.2011.03.02.2.jpgAnd finally a 3.2 lb. top round beef roast. I cut it into two pieces to separate out the layer of fat and silverskin in the roast, seasoned it, and cooked it in the sous vide for 2 hours at 133°F. I then let it rest for an hour, sliced, divided, and vacuum sealed it. It made two servings of sliced roast beef (5.0 oz. each) and seven servings for stir-fry (3.3 oz. each). And a small container of leftover bits for Roscoe.