What I cooked: March 5, 2011

It was unseasonably warm today, 44°F, so that means one thing: grilling!

I made grilled Misty Knoll chicken breast for my grilled chicken Caesar salads. I cheat a little by seasoning the chicken, vacuum sealing, cooking in the sous vide for 90 minutes at 160°F, then grilling. This eliminates any issues with the chicken not fully cooking through before it burns on the outside on the grill. You just cook until nicely browned 1:30 to 2 minutes per side on my grill. And it's always juicy and tender.

cooked.2011.03.05.1.jpgThe chicken gets cut into bit-sized pieces, divided into 2.8 oz. servings (4, in this case), vacuum sealed and frozen.

I do the same thing for salmon, except it's 45 minutes at 140°F in the sous vide and 1:00 to 1:30 per side on the grill. That's approximately 0.75 lbs. of organic Shetland salmon.

cooked.2011.03.05.2.jpgI divided the salmon into two approximately 6 oz. servings, vacuum sealed, and froze the servings. They can be reheated by putting the frozen packages into the sous vide at 140°F for 45 minutes.