What I cooked: October 27, 2011

It was a cold and rainy day which made me want to cook. So I headed off to the grocery store and, 4 hours later I have a lot of food prepared and frozen. I'm not kidding.

I vacuum sealed and froze a nice piece of tuna that I'll use for a sushi in a day or two.

And while normally freeze cooked meat, I do keep some frozen chicken because several of my favorite chicken dishes don't really freeze well cooked. I divided, vacuum sealed and froze some chicken breast.

Now on to actually cooking something. How about a roasted pork? The key to a great bone-in roasted pork is trimming the meat to get rid of that big layer of fat on the right.

cooked.2011.10.27.7.jpg The finished roast:

All cut, vacuum sealed and frozen. There are also two packages of stir-fry meat from the piece of meat I cut from the top of the roast.

I grilled some filet mignon steaks; they're vacuum sealed and frozen and can be reheated in the sous vide to perfect medium rare when I'm in the mood for steak.

And a batch of maple breakfast link sausage. Pre-cooked and frozen they can be reheated quickly in the microwave, sauté pan or oven.

And a batch of homemade spicy breakfast sausage patties.

And roasted rosemary lamb shanks...

cooked.2011.10.27.12.jpgThere's one 5.2 oz. sliced for roasted lamb dinner, and one 14 oz. package, diced, for making shepherd's pie later. Vacuum sealed and frozen.

And I made chicken paprika for dinner.