What I ate: November 16, 2011

Breakfast: Pancakes and bacon. Both previously frozen. And a glass of orange juice.


A Spicy V-8.

Lunch: Roast beef sandwich and potato chips. With 3.2 oz. homemade eye round roast beef on one slice of Barowski's wheat bread cut in half, with mayo, horseradish and lettuce. And Kettle Chips barbecue potato chips.


Snack: 3 Kashi roasted garlic crackers with Cabot extra sharp aged cheddar cheese and a little Redcliffe sauvignon blanc.


Dinner: Roasted pork, sautéed cabbage with garlic and rice. The pork I previously roasted, sliced, vacuum sealed and froze. Putting the frozen vacuum bag in the sous vide for 40 minutes at 155°F made a perfect moist pork chop.


And 2 glasses of Don Cano malbec.

Dessert: 2 strips of Green & Black's ginger dark chocolate bar.

Weight at beginning of the day: 113.0 lbs.
Weight at the beginning of the next day: 110.2 lbs.