Roasted pork soft taco with salsa fresca


There are a bunch of variations of this dish, like with citrus marinated bass or shrimp, but it's always easy for me to make this version because I always have pre-cooked roasted pork in my freezer. It's actually my "stir-fry pork" that I used for things like pork, broccoli and scallions.

The rest of it is just a batch of salsa fresca, some shredded lettuce (or Napa or savoy cabbage),  1.0 oz. tortilla chips and some more salsa fresca for dipping.

The taco pictured is in a multi-grain tortilla, but it also works well with a steamed flour tortilla or a corn tortilla.

Also I now make two smaller tacos as a serving, since one is a physically large and a bit of a small serving. It works better as two tacos.

It also works well with roast beef. I use my eye of round roast beef that I'd normally use as stir-fry beef.



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