What's in my freezer

As you have probably figured out I vacuum seal and freeze the vast majority of the food that I cook, which makes for quick and easy meals for one. This is my freezer:


Though I have a good general idea of what's in it, it would be neat to be able to scroll through an inventory, which would almost certainly result in a "That's what I want for dinner!" moment.

You can now click on the " Freezer" link in the right bar. It's in the "Pages" section, near the bottom. It brings up a page that shows what's currently in my freezer! Or just click the link right there.

For the technically curious, here's what's going on: I store my freezer inventory in Evernote because I always have Evernote running on my computer and editing is instantaneous. It takes much more effort to update a blog posting or page.

Even better, I can just as easily edit the document from my iPhone, iPad, laptop or the web, which is useful for making sure the inventory stays up-to-date.

The blog page embeds an Evernote viewer window in an <iframe> in the page, so it just magically displays. Nothing special is required, and it works on any blogging platform where you can edit the HTML directly, not just MovableType. 

Use the "Share" item in Evernote to copy the share link to the clipboard. Then use this as the src attribute for the <iframe>. Voilà!