What I ate: February 19 - 25 Vacation

This is our annual family Vermont ski week, moved this year from Montpelier to Burlington with a whole new selection of restaurants. Here we go:

Sunday February 19

Breakfast: Bagel, lox and cream cheese at home. The last of the normal-sized meals for the week.


Lunch: Turkey club sandwich and French fries at Sally's Hen House in Hudson Falls, NY. 


Dinner: The venison at Leunig's Bistro in Burlington, Vermont. Delicious!


Monday, February 20

Breakfast: Hash, egg and toast skillet at Henry's Diner in Burlington, Vermont. 


Lunch: Turkey chili in a bread boule at Bolton Valley ski resort. I'm pretty sure it was spicier, and therefore better, last year, but it was still good.


Dinner: A Single Pebble in Burlington. I don't have pictures, but for reference, 2 appetizers (dry fried green beans and mock eel) and 4 entrees (Emperor's beef, Three cup chicken, Pork lo mein and Red chili shrimp) was way too much food but it was very delicious and enjoyed by all.

Tuesday, February 21

Breakfast: Ham and cheese crêpe at The Skinny Pancake in Burlington.


Lunch: Clam chowder at Bolton Valley.


Dinner: Cheeseburger at The Farmhouse Tap and Grill in Burlington. The picture does not do it justice - it was most delicious!


Wednesday, February 22

Breakfast: Ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich at August First Bakery and Café in Burlington.

Lunch: Chicken parmesan sandwich special at Bolton Valley.

Dinner: The rabbit at Hen of the Wood in Waterbury. Delicious!

Thursday, February 23

Breakfast: Chorizo burrito at Mirabelles Cafe in Burlington.

Lunch: Fried cod sandwich special at Bolton Valley.


And a hot dog? No, that's my nephew between two pillows at the hotel.


Dinner: The salmon at Church and Main in Burlington. Very good. The steak, gotten by two others, was also delicious and ridiculously huge.


Friday, February 24

Breakfast: Zydeco breakfast (andouille sausage, eggs, black beans and corn muffins) at Penny Cluse Café in Burlington.


Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich at the Tower Bar at Jay Peak.

Dinner: The veal at Tratoria Delia in Burlington.


Saturday, February 25

Breakfast: Western omelet special at Sneakers Bistro and Café in Winooski. Probably the best Western omelet I've ever had.


Lunch: Philly cheesesteak at The Anvil Inn in Fort Edward, New York.

Dinner: Japanese style crushed hamburger and rice at home. Back to normal portions!


Weight at beginning of vacation: 119.8 lbs.
Weight at end of vacation: 122.6 lbs.

This is somewhat surprising since I ate at least double what I normally eat. Must be the skiing.