Roast beef (sous vide)

I tried several different techniques for browning before, browning after, using the broiler or not, and guess what? None of it is necessary. I just cook the beef in the sous vide, slice, vacuum seal and freeze it now. Because I make very thinly sliced roast beef either served with gravy or sandwiches, you can't tell that it was never browned because there is so little edge. And for the stir-fry, it doesn't matter because it will get browned when it's stir-fried.

This is a 3 pound eye of round roast. Trim off the fat and silverskin and season with salt, freshly ground pepper and garlic powder on the top and bottom.

ate.2012.05.17.c2.jpgVacuum seal and sous vide for 90 minutes at 132°F for medium rare. The beauty of the sous vide is that it's foolproof - every time, every slice is exactly medium rare.

I packaged this into:

1x 5.0 oz. sliced for dinner
1x 3.0 oz. sliced for sandwich
8x 3.2 oz. cut into strips for stir-fry

The roast was $ 15.07 but there was a $ 3.50 off instant coupon on it, so it was only $ 11.57 but I got 1 dinner and 9 lunches out of it, so that's a pretty good deal!