CSA Week #4 (2012)

Today's CSA:

I selected baby lettuce, shell peas, kale, beets, baby Swiss chard and cilantro.

I separated the beets from the beet greens, washing the greens and putting them in a zip-lock bag to stay fresh until I'm ready to use them. Maybe a stir-fry?

This week I prepped four salads, definitely salad season here! I used the last of the lettuce from CSA Week #3 and some of the new lettuce. Even though the lettuce is ripped, it will keep for a minimum of 5 days in its vacuum sealed jar without turning brown.

And salad veggies for four salads. This week: carrots, celery, green pepper, radishes (from CSA Week #3), cucumber, mushrooms and red onion.

And all vacuum sealed for quick salad-y goodness any time in the next 5 or so days. I really should get some 8 oz. mason jars.

I made Sautéed baby Swiss chard with pancetta which was excellent!

I cooked my fresh peas and ate them with meatloaf, rice and gravy.

I made red lentils and kale in coconut curry sauce.

I used the beet greens to make sautéed beet greens with hana katso and soy sauce.


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