Garlic scape and basil pesto

I got this recipe from this excellent blog. There were garlic scapes in CSA Week #2 and I couldn't wait to try it!

7 garlic scapes, chopped
pine nuts (optional, see update below)
a good amount of basil, chopped
some Parmesan cheese, grated
juice of half of a lemon
olive oil
freshly ground black pepper

Here's the mise en place to get a better idea of the quantities.

By the way, garlic scapes are the above-ground stalk of the garlic plant. I've never seen them in a supermarket, but I've gotten them in my CSAs and in farmers' markets in places where garlic can be grown.

The original recipe called for walnuts, but I omitted them. When I made it the second time I substituted pine nuts, which worked really well.

And after I chopped the scapes and picked the basil leaves and chopped them.

Combine scapes and the pine nuts in the food processor and chop.

Add the remaining ingredients. Drizzle the olive oil in until it becomes pesto-y. Season with salt and pepper.

Here it is packaged into 4.0 oz. freezer-safe jelly jars. I kept one in the refrigerator and froze the other two.


Update July 9, 2014: When I made it again I added pine nuts, which was a nice addition.

And put it in vacuum sealed bags, which are easier to store. Also, I can't figure out where all of my little glass jars are. I know a bunch of them contain barbecue sauce, but it just doesn't add up!