Sautéed arugula, sardines and rice

You might have noticed a trend here. I've made this same dish with spinach, kale and tat soi, and here's the version with arugula from CSA Week #3.
Wash and spin dry the arugula.

Heat a sauté pan over medium heat. Add a little oil (I used canola, but it doesn't really matter). Add the arugula.

Sauté until softened and it reduces in volume. And reduce it does - that whole pan of arugula made the amount on the plate!

Season with black pepper and granulated garlic. You could also use a minced clove of garlic instead.

Add hana katsuo (Japanese dried bonito fish flakes). These could be left out, but I think it adds good flavor to the dish, so add it if you can. And finally, some soy sauce. That's it!

I normally eat a half can of Wild Planet sustainably caught sardines in water. That's half a can of King Oscar sardines in olive oil and I don't like these at all. The Wild Planet ones are more like eating fish, these were all mushy.

The rice is reheated in the microwave (40 seconds from refrigerator temperature, covered) and seasoned with furikake.

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