What I ate: June 2, 2012

Breakfast: Chorizo breakfast burrito. Reheat of the filling from last Wednesday in a fresh tortilla.

Snack: 1.0 oz. Sriracha chex mix.

Broke down a 4.7 lb. natural (antibiotic and steroid free, vegetarian feed) chicken. The legs are for making coq a vin; I vacuum sealed and froze the wings and breasts.

The carcass, neck, gizzards, etc. all went into the stock pot with onion, celery and carrot to make a batch of chicken stock for homemade chicken soup. I added a little too much water and ended up making two packages of 16 oz. stock with 2.1 oz. chicken, plus one 9.4 oz. package of stock. I didn't really need the extra 9.4 oz. of stock.


Cooked and froze 2 pounds of bacon.

Lunch: Shrimp and onion stir-fry with spinach.

Dinner: Japanese-style chicken curry.

And 2 glasses of 90+ malbec. I've had the 90+ pinot noir, which is okay, but I really like the 90+ malbec.


Weight at beginning of the day: 119.2 lbs.
Weight at the beginning of the next day: 118.6 lbs.