What I ate: June 7, 2012

Breakfast: Bacon, egg and cheese English muffin.

Lunch: Twice-cooked pork and scallions and noodles. With scallions from CSA Week #1.

Cooked a batch of Japanese-style curry to freeze for a future dinner. This time I made it with lamb instead of chicken and updated the recipe with some pictures.

Four servings vacuum sealed and ready to freeze for a future meal.

Made homemade ground beef from chuck steak and a food processor. I did not do that with the knife in the picture.

Formed it into four 4.5 oz. burgers and grilled them.

Individually vacuum sealed so they can be reheated in the sous vide: 45 minutes at 132°F from frozen and the burger is still perfectly medium rare.

And grilled 7 Hebrew National beef hot dogs.

They're individually vacuum sealed so they can be reheated sous vide (30 minutes at 160°F) or boil-in-bag (10 minutes).

I cooked a batch of Chana masala for future lunches. Vacuum sealed and ready for the freezer.


And prepped salad veggies for a three salads. I have radishes from CSA Week #1, celery, carrot, green pepper, cucumber and mushrooms. I did not add tomato since they don't keep well and are better not refrigerated. The vegetables are vacuum sealed in glass jars so they'll keep several days (see The Great Salad Experiment for more information).

That was a lot of vacuum sealing! It's a good thing I have the commercial chamber vacuum sealer (Ary VacMaster) because my old FoodSaver would be coughing and wheezing by now, if not entirely dead!

Dinner: Chicken balsamic. And a salad with baby lettuce from CSA Week #1 and my prepared vegetables (celery, carrot, green pepper, cucumber and mushrooms). With Olivia's croutons and Annie's Cowgirl Ranch dressing.

It's not very obvious in the picture, but it looks like my chicken has a mild case of jaundice. I apparently did not get all of the tumeric out of the pan after making chana masala. Oops!

And 2 glasses of Desierto 25/5 malbec, Argentina, 2007.

Weight at beginning of the day: 118.0 lbs.
Weight at the beginning of the next day: 118.2 lbs.