Quinoa with chorizo and peppers

This was delicious! I had one serving of cooked plain quinoa after last week's Swiss chard with pancetta and quinoa. I decided to give this one more of a Spanish/Mexican flair. Actually, it's pretty much the same as my Chorizo breakfast burrito, without an egg or tortilla, with quinoa. In any case, it was very good.

2.0 oz. spicy chorizo sausage, diced
half a yellow onion, diced
green pepper, diced
jalapeño, minced
1 serving of cooked quinoa (about 1/4 cup before cooking)

Here are my vegetables.

Heat a sauté pan over medium low heat. Add a little oil then cook the vegetables and chorizo for 5 to 10 minutes.

Add the cooked quinoa. Since mine was cold, from the refrigerator, I cooked for several minutes to heat it through.

Season with salt and freshly ground pepper.