Rhubarb apple ginger sorbet

As I was thinking about what to do with the rhubarb in CSA Week #1 I realized that I have a new kitchen appliance that could make rhubarb sorbet no longer something that requires boiling and a food mill. That's right, I now have the Hurom Slow Juicer!

And then craziness broke out, possibly because of the wine I had been drinking. Ginger. I bet ginger would be good with rhubarb. And apples? Isn't apple-rhubarb pie a real thing?

5.2 oz. rhubarb (there is a possibility it was 8.2 oz. rhubarb, remember, I had been drinking)
1 apple (it was a Royal Gala apple, but it probably doesn't matter much)
ginger (about the size of my thumb to the first joint)

Throw that stuff into the juicer. I got 10-11 oz. of juice from that. Warning: rhubarb is ridiculously fibrous and may choke your juicer. The Hurom handled that much, but it did clog the solids exit chute before it was done.

Add some sweetener. I added 5 oz. of bar simple syrup. That's equal weights of sugar and water, boiled and cooled. I keep it in my refrigerator for margaritas and mojitos, but it comes in handy for things like this, too. Not having to boil the mixture to dissolve the sugar makes chilling it to make the sorbet all the easier!

I also added a splash of vodka. I heard it's good for gelato and sorbet to keep it from freezing solid, and who am I to argue with adding vodka to something.

Into the Musso Lussino 4080 ice cream maker it went, and 20 minutes later, sorbet!

That's a 5.0 oz. serving in the picture at the top, right out of the ice cream maker. It looks better after spending some time in the freezer. The taste is excellent, regardless. Keep in mind I like things tart - you may want to add more sugar!