What I ate: August 15, 2013

Breakfast: Sausage, egg and cheese English muffin. With homemade sausage, an organic egg and Cabot cheddar cheese on a Barowski's whole wheat English muffin.

Snack: 1.0 oz. Sriracha chex mix.

Lunch: Ham and Swiss cheese sandwich. With Virginia baked ham, Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard on one slice of Barowski's whole wheat bread, cut in half. With Kettle Chips hot jalapeƱo potato chips.

Snack: 4 Late July organic crackers with Cabot extra sharp cheddar cheese. And a half glass of Casal Garcia vinho verde.

Walked from Sidney Tire to downtown Sidney, about 2.2 miles, total.

Dinner: A French Dip sandwich, French fries and a Switchback beer at the Angus and Ale.

Weight at beginning of the day: 125.4 lbs.
Weight at the beginning of the next day: 125.2 lbs.