Corn and jalapeño fritters

These were really good! A simple fritter batter with fresh sweet corn and jalapeños. The recipe below makes about 8, or twice the amount pictured above, because I made half a recipe.

4 oz. milk
2 oz. egg (1 large egg)

4 oz. flour (a little less than 1 cup)
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking powder

2 ears of fresh corn (2 cups)
2 jalapeños, minced

Mix together the egg and milk. Add the dry ingredients and combine. It will be a pretty thick batter.

Here's the corn and jalapeño. I made a half recipe, so this is only 1 ear of corn and 1 jalapeño.

Add only enough batter to coat the corn and jalapeño. Since I made a whole recipe of batter but half of vegetables, I had a lot of batter left.

Heat the deep fryer to 360°F.

Drop spoonfuls of batter into the deep fryer and cook a few minutes, flipping once.

Remove from the hot oil and salt. Serve immediately.