Fast-food style cheeseburger

Once in a while I get an urge to have a fast-food style cheeseburger, you know one of those thin, overcooked burgers. One of these:

They're really not very good, not very good for you, and really not all that fast, mainly because it's a 10-15 minute drive for me to just get to McDonalds, let alone the time to get the food and drive home again.

Fortunately, last week when I made my Angry Burger I also grilled some extra quarter pound frozen hamburger patties.

I vacuum sealed and froze them, all it takes is a quick microwave to defrost and reheat, since they're already cooked.

Usually I put Cabot extra sharp cheddar on my burger. Sometimes pepper jack. But I figured this required American cheese. Who knew that Cabot makes "process cheese food"? Huh.

The thing that takes the longest is making French fries. 9 minutes to preheat the deep fryer to 360°F and 2 minutes to cook 2.9 oz. of Cascadian organic frozen shoestring French fries. But beginning to end the whole process takes less than 12 minutes, 9 of which is waiting around, so that's not bad.

While the fries are cooking I microwaved the frozen burger, about 20 seconds, added the cheese, and 20 seconds more. The burger was already fully cooked when I grilled it so this was just reheating.

The bun is a whole wheat bun.

This was really quite good! I mean, it's not like one of these thick, homemade, cooked-rare bacon cheeseburgers, but it's probably more appropriate for a quick lunch.