What I ate: November 9, 2013

Breakfast: Pancakes and bacon, both previously frozen. Reheated for 8 minutes at 350°F on a sheet pan in the oven.

Snack: 1.0 oz. Sriracha chex mix. And a spicy Blood Mary.

Lunch: Homemade potato leek soup with homemade ciabatta bread (previously frozen).

I made my two servings of soup, as usual, since it doesn't freeze well. Also, I had 8 oz. of chicken broth left over from making braised beef short ribs so I wanted to use that up.

Snack: 4 Wheat Thins garden veggie toasted crisps with Cabot extra sharp cheddar cheese and a half glass of Ponga New Zealand sauvignon blanc.

Dinner: Fried clams and French fries. The clams are frozen, from Seapak, because making fried clams from scratch is really a pain! And the French fries are Cascadian organic shoestring fries. While both can be cooked in the oven, they're much better deep fried, 1 minute for the clams, 2 minutes for the fries. The fries are seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. And the ramekin has homemade tartar sauce.

And 2 glasses of Alma del Sur malbec.

Weight at beginning of the day: 125.8 lbs.
Weight at the beginning of the next day: 126.2 lbs.