Salmon, sous vide then sautéed

I really like this preparation method for a thick cut of salmon! It results in a moist, tender perfectly done salmon every time.

This was a pretty thick piece, previously frozen, that would have been difficult to sauté.

Seasoned with salt, freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder I vacuum sealed it in preparation for cooking in the sous vide.

After cooking for 30 minutes at 138°F. The sous vide cooks it perfectly, and you could certainly eat it right out of the bag, but it's a little plain at this point.

The change I made this time was to sauté it in butter and brown it. This would have likely failed fantastically if I had done this without pre-cooking the salmon because it's so thick, and the butter would likely have burned before the salmon was cooked through. But with pre-cooking it just gives the fish a little browning and buttery taste. Delicious!

I should point out that there was supposed to be a lemon-shallot brown butter sauce to go with this, but I ended up getting the butter a little too brown. Oops! It happens. The fish was delicious without it.

Update January 21, 2014: I made this again, though since I wasn't going to make an integral sauce, I used the cast iron griddle pan since it makes flipping easier. Setting the temperature to 320°F on the induction hot plate seemed about right.