CSA Week #2 (2014)

I selected:

head lettuce
baby lettuce mix
tat soi
garlic scapes

All packaged:

I washed and bagged the lettuce, and divided the baby lettuce and added some regular lettuce to make 3 vacuum sealed single-serving salads.

Some of the dishes I made from stuff this week:

Teriyaki tempeh Caesar salad

Salad with carrot, celery, radish, green pepper, red onion, cucumber, grape tomatoes, Annie's Tuscany Italian dressing and Olvia's butter and garlic croutons.

ate.2014.06.19.d2.jpg Spinach salad with homemade maple candied walnuts, goat cheese and homemade champagne vinaigrette.

ate.2014.06.21.l.jpg Tat soi with pancetta and quinoa.

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